Uncle Fun constantly races around the world to shop for fun stuff. He travels to many exotic locations such as Cleveland, Ohio and even up to Minnesota! He runs so fast, sometimes it seems as if he he races against himself. And now, you can make Uncle Fun run for YOU!

The diagram on the right shows you how this game works. Read it, and then click on the "MAKE UNCLE FUN RUN NOW" button at the bottom of the page. Like magic, a new window will open up. You will see that we have given you 10,000 Fun Bucks with which to place your bets. Then, choose a color, choose a betting amount, and start the race. Win or lose, hit the RESET button and start again. If you lose all your Fun Bucks, we'll give you 10,000 more. (Too bad it's not real money, eh?)

When you're done, close the game window and click here to return to the Mindless Fun page.