Some people think that Uncle Sam hasn't been having much
fun lately. We don't know if this is true, but we do know
that we haven't seen him in the store recently. If he HAD come in,
you can bet that we'd put him right back on the road to
to good old-fashioned fun.

We're doing our part to help Sam out with our newly-created Department of Funland Frivolity. These appointees, in fact, just came up with a Color Alert Chart. You might be saying, "Oh no! We've heard this before!" But wait! With OUR chart, you can have fun. And when people are having fun, they're less likely to do something scary. Who knows? This might catch on. We can only hope.

So if you'd like to test it out, CLICK ON THE BASEBALL PLAYERS (or, if you prefer, you can also CLICK HERE) to access our Color Coded Products for National Enjoyment. Remember, we don't sell these products from the internet, but if you come to the store, you can purchase any of these items and more. We can't possibly put all of our items on this website. There's a lot of stuff in the store right now and Uncle Fun is out finding even more. (He loves to shop -- who doesn't?) But this will give some idea what you'll see when you visit us.

And if you see Uncle Sam, send him to Uncle Fun.
We might be able to cheer him up. We've just expanded our operations on the East Coast, you know. And besides, uncles have to stick together.

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