"This is a toy store in which to encounter the unexpected and the long forgotten."
                          -Chicago Tribune

For more than two decades, Uncle Fun has been in the business of helping people celebrate the spirit of fun and creativity.

Uncle Fun is a toy store and so much more. There is a community which blossoms around the store, one which extends beyond geographical boundaries. As owner Ted Frankel (a.k.a. Uncle Fun!) explains:

I've always considered my stores to be the Safe Space on the Monopoly board. Once you come in, you don't have to worry about the outside world. You're safe here. We provide the place for people to get in touch with the "kid" inside

Kids and grownups alike are welcome to hunt for treasures. The array of merchandise within the store is constantly changing as Uncle Fun and his staff travel the globe and retrieve "fun stuff" from the four corners of the earth. On any given day, you may be able to unearth bobbing head figurines, accordians from the Far East, stink bombs and fart powder, or beautiful blowy bunnies. A PeeWee harmonica might be just the thing to unlock your hidden musical talents. Perhaps you'll decide to send Sister Mary Catherine a holographic postcard of Jesus. Liven up your library with a string of trout lamps. Assemble an army of robots and start a corporate takeover. Stop by Uncle Fun's store and travel the world of creativity and imagination -- all in a single visit!

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