The East Coast has long been in need of some Big Fun: a place to feel cheerful, to see beautiful and joyous creations, and to take occasional refuge from those things that often conspire to rob us of our naturally fun-spirited nature.

Although Uncle Fun has been working for many years to keep the Midwest cheerful, he has long known that his friends on the East Coast can't always travel to the center of the nation to have a good time, especially since airports aren't very much fun these days. This burden weighed heavily on him for a long time -- several hours at least -- and suddenly the solution came to him just as he was unpacking the latest shipment of exploding dishes: Where better to create a haven for fun than in the Fun Capital of the East Coast? Namely, Baltimore, Maryland!

The city that gave us the fabulous films of John Waters and Don Dohler, the city that puts the "real" in surrealism is now home to Uncle Fun's latest store: SIDESHOW.

Located in the amazing American Visionary Art Museum, Sideshow features many of the same fun items that long time Fun Seekers have loved in the original Chicago Store. But in addition, Sideshow shoppers will also be dazzled by beautiful works of outsider art, creations by known and soon-to-be-known artists, and works from exotic locations as far away as Haiti or even the rarely-travelled Southern Tier of New York State.

In the coming weeks, we will post photos of the new store, but right now we're too busy having fun to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Why not stop in and join in the fun? We'd love to show you around.

at the American Visionary Art Museum

Phone number: (443) 872-4926
Address: 800 Key Highway
Baltimore, MD 21230

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